Leavellwood Policies and Procedures

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  • Hunt Safe.
  • Keep Firearms UNLOADED to and from stand and while in a vehicle or at lodge facilities.
  • If hunting from a ladder stand, wear a safety belt. 
  • If you are bow hunting, you must wear a safety harness.  If you do not have one, let us know.
  • We prefer you shoot your rifle at our shooting range once you arrive to make sure your gun is zeroed in, even if you think it is.
  • Remain in the stand until picked up even if you have shot a deer.
  • One buck per hunter.  So make your shot count. If you draw blood, that is the same as a kill.
  • Eight (8) point or better and outside of the ears.  Anything under this will result in a $500.00 fine.  Strictly enforced.
  • Please remove muddy boots before entering lodge.  Leave on the porch when possible.  Upon arrival back to the lodge, we will wash boots off with sprayer.
  • If you see a bobcat, hog, fox or coyote, you are welcome to shoot it.  If you kill one and produce the kill, we will give you a free t-shirt.
  • Hunter orange is required.  If you do not have a hat, one can be purchased.
  • You do not make the decision of whether a buck is a cull buck.  That is the responsibility of the Leavellwood staff.
  • All guests must sign a waiver and release agreement in order to participate in any activities.  We make every effort to insure your safety and well-being.  Participants have a responsibility as well for their own safety and the safety of other guests.
  • There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverage or any impairing drugs during any hunting activities.
  • All buildings are designated NON-SMOKING buildings. 
  • Once unloading, please park your vehicle in the designated parking area (Do not park in front of lodge)
  • Please put all garbage, such as bottles and cans in garbage cans and not in the fireplace outside.  Bring any cans, water bottles and/or garbage out of your stands with you.






  • Three (3) year olds or better.  Physical determinations:  Slight sway in the top of back with a pronounced pot belly.  Younger deer have a flat back and straight across stomach. 
  • Tarsal glands will be a very dark brown to black.  Younger deer are a medium to light brown.
  •  Main beams will be past his eyes, between the eyes and nose on a three year old plus buck.
  •  Inside antler spread on buck needs to be at least 14 inches.
  •  Minimum main beam lengths must be at least 20 inches.
  •  Bucks that are 31/2 years of age will score over 120 inches- Boone and Crockett.  Any buck scoring less than 120 inches is a sub standard and immature buck.  Harvesting this kind of deer will result in a $500.00 fine which will be made payable to the landowner.  Any buck harvested that is 1 ½ years old and scoring less than 11 inches will result in a fine of $750.00 made payable to the landowner.


E-mail all questions to leavellwood@Leavellwood.com and I will get you your answer as soon as possible!!!!

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