Deer Hunting

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Leavellwood, in cooperation with Alabama’s Department of Conservation, employs the approved deer management program. This program improves deer density and promotes good physical conditioning while improving antler development. We select the amount of does for harvesting to improve a better balance of buck to doe ratio.

Our land, located only minutes from the lodge in western Greene County, is privately owned family land or land which has been leased since 1986. It was opened to commercial hunting through our lodge facilities a few years ago. This area is known for producing trophy whitetails and we have harvested bucks scoring up to 180 class B & C.

We do limited hunts and allow a limited number of hunters. This promotes better hunting opportunities to acquire a trophy buck.

Our land is maintained and worked by the newest and best John Deere equipment which allows for not only efficiency but cost effectiveness as well. Each year, we plant over 200 acres of supplemental food plots. This comprises of over 75 individual food plots for deer. In addition, we also have 50 – 60 ladder stands that are annually rotated to assure of better hunting opportunities.

We take great pride in maintaining a good infrastructure to transport our hunters in and out of the hunting area.

We are a year round operation and each year we expand the amenities that we offer to our customers. As they have invested in us, we have continued to re-invest in our best renewable resource; which is you the customer.

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Check out our Hunting Rates page for more information.

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