Leavellwood Accommodations

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Leavellwood Lodge

Rooms: 5
Sleeps: 10

We are excited about our new lodge that was completed on October 1, 2011. While our former lodge was wonderful and had a lot of things done right, there were a few things that, given the opportunity, we would change. What we got in the end was a uniquely beautiful, efficient 6,000 sq. ft. lodge that looks like it came right out of the settings of the Colorado Rockies or Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The entrance to the lodge requires you to walk through a vaulted pavilion with massive outdoor fireplace that is surrounded by comfortable lounging chairs for the nights when sitting by the fire on a cold evening offers the most relaxed setting imaginable or just enjoying the pleasant breeze coming off Leavellwood Lake in the front or Sawgrass Lake in the back during those early summer nights.


The lodge boasts of five large bedrooms, with private bath and flat screen TV, a commercial grade kitchen with all the modern and upscale appliances found in your better restaurants, along with an attached outdoor kitchen for grilling.

In the central area of the lodge, you will feel like you are in an award winning taxidermy museum filled with whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, red stag, antelope, all species of the North American turkey, and a large under water lake structure replica containing our current lake record bass and bream mounted in a life like setting. You don’t even have to leave the room in order to sit down to our 14’ foot handcrafted one of a kind red cedar and cypress table inset with the name Leavellwood down the middle in curly maple for your dining experience. Overhead you will find a unique 12’ handcrafted wooden canoe light fixture that truly sets off the finishing touches to this dining area. After dinner, you can fellowship with your friends while sitting in the living room area in front of a large flat screen TV over the fire place or shoot a game of pool on our competition style pool table.

Along time ago, we learned that we couldn’t control the fish and wildlife or the weather, but we could control what our customers ate and where they slept and spent their leisure time. At the end of the day, we work hard to make sure you have had the best opportunity we can humanly offer to harvest a nice deer or turkey and even catch numbers of large bass and bream. Add to that equation, good food and fellowship and you are sure to leave here having had more than just a fishing and hunting experience.

The Cypress Room: This bedroom has a large bathroom, which allows for wheelchair accessibility. The two oversized, extra long twin beds and all the furniture in this room were constructed of Pecky Cypress, which is Cypress wood that displays the physical characteristics of worm holes and tunnels to offer uniquely beautiful pieces of furniture. We took the paddles from the canoe light fixture in the lodge and found the perfect accompaniment to add on these headboards.

The Hemlock Room at the Leavellwood Lodge

The Hemlock Room: This bedroom features two queen beds, nightstand, storage and sitting bench and flat screen TV. This unique bedroom furniture is made from the same wood as our massive entrance door to lodge. Close inspection will show you the character traits of wood used for many years in the planting and growing of shitake mushrooms. Over time, the bacteria in the compost and manure, used to plant mushrooms on, eat into any soft material in the hemlock wood. Once the wood is removed and cleaned, the remaining product becomes a most desired and sought after wood that is used in creating some of the most unique furniture items found anywhere.

The Antlers Room at Leavellwood

The Antlers Room: These are sheds collected on Leavellwood over the years that each have their own story to tell. The backdrop of Eastern Red Cedar cut off of the property provides just the right contrast these antlers needed to create a truly beautiful set of queen beds. The remaining furniture in the room was also constructed of Eastern Red Cedar native to the area and located on Leavellwood. With reverse accent Cypress walls, these bedrooms keep the theme of cedar and cypress throughout the entire lodge.

The Bonefish Roon at Leavellwood

The Bonefish Room: This furniture is truly one of a kind at the present, (sure to be copied though). Take some more antler sheds out of the pile and our furniture craftsman made these beds by hand selecting the right size base from each antler along with the correct size and turn of an antler tine to create this extraordinary design of a fish skeleton on the headboard. Using both smooth and rough cedar, these beds are just plain massive like all the beds individually hand crafted by a local company employing gifted wood artist!

The Upstairs: The only bedroom located upstairs. This room contains a full bath, queen bed and extra long twin bed. Allows for extra privacy and silence when you think you need it.

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  • Cable TV
  • Fireplace

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